retail shopping stands

what are they?

Chosen by the companies to expand their marketplace in the shopping centres, they have been used to promote and sell products and services as a bespoke and flexible option. Designed and branded to meet the specific goals of the company they are mostly installed in the middle of the shopping corridors calling the attention of the customers with their unique forms and colours. Being used for all the business sectors as, food, technology, jewellery, clothing, and automobile.


This kind of bespoke kiosks are built combining different materials like wood, aluminium, glass and Poliuretanic paints, all must be chosen to meet the highest quality possible. You will be able to use the kiosk for years to sell your products and services, even, if it´s necessary can be uninstalled, transported and reinstalled in a different shopping centre.

how do we work

we listen

The first step for a successful mall kiosk is to know the goals your company expects to reach with this new marketplace, the products or services that must be displayed and sold, the number of employees will work there. Other important details to be known are the floor plan and the space in square meters assigned to the stand, the shopping centre restrictions in terms of materials, electricity, space and heights, health and safety regulations. Once the project manager has created a brief of your project, our designers can start to work on it.

We design

Our experienced and dedicated team will start to work in your project, taking all the specific key aspects in the brief, analysing the circulation in the site and the interior lighting, presenting you a 3D stand model designed to give your company the most in terms of sales and promotion. It will take between 2 or 3 working days to our team to finish all the 3D pictures.

we present

When the entire design step has been done, our project manager will contact you to present the 3D pictures and a detailed quote to ensure you will not have any surprises. A final detailed analysis must be done in this step to reach the final design your company needs. Once the stand is approved by you, our manager dedicated to your project will contact the shopping centre to send them all the building details, structural drawings, 3D pictures, materials list, electrical drawings, health and safety assessment, to be approved by them. When the project has passed through the Shopping's centre manager, an installation day must be arranged and ensure that all the parties are satisfied with it.

we deliver

Supervised and led by the project manager, our experienced and professional craftsmen team will start the building process, taking a sharpie eye onto the finishing details to ensure the highest quality has been achieved. Once the installation day comes, our team will deliver the stand to the Shopping centre and fit it into space you have assigned in site. With all fitted, the graphics and furniture installation will start, finalising with an exhaustive quality control process surveying the structural, electrical and finishings to ensuring that all the key aspects have been met.

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