your exhibition goals

The 3 seconds rule in trade fairs

We have 3 seconds to attract the attention of the trade fair visitors into your stand, that’s the first objective our designers have. To achieve that goal, all companies have the same elements in terms of technology, lights, banners, and materials, what makes us different is how far we will get involved in your project, to done and redone all, until we are sure that the key aspects have been aligned to win the 3 seconds sprint.

Working to Achieve your goals

We will ask about the goals your company wants to reach in the trade show, leads, selling, communication, presentation of a new line of products, etc, all this means that we will need to know your products and the customer segment you are looking for, to get really involved, someone would say, we must wear your company´s t-shirt . With all this information our marketing advisor will start to work and lead the designers to meet the most accurate design.

Functional Analysis

Once the visitors already decided to watch your stand, we must lead them into the specifics spaces where the product those prospects could be interested to know is being shown. This will facilitate your staff’s job inside the stand, giving them more chances to generate a conversion. The functional Analysis is made taking care about aspects like the circulation, the location of your stand in the floor plan, the visitor's peak hours and your exhibition goals.

Descriptive Memory of the design

When the 3D drawings have been done, we will deliver it to you attached to a descriptive memory explaining all the aspects of the design, better called "the why of all", and how we believe that specific stand reaches all the Marketing aspects your company is looking for at the trade fair.

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